Giethoorn join in the Shantang forum in Shanghai

Giethoorn join in the Shantang forum in Shanghai

Shanghai and Zhejiang are advancing the construction of the “Five towns” area under the corridors of Guangxia, Guangchen, Luxiang, Xincang, and Zhangyan. On November 18th, the “shantang forum” for the construction of the “Five towns” in the Yangtze River Delta’s rural revitalization pioneer zone was held in Langxia Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai.

The village head of Giethoorn in the Netherlands, and the vice chairman of the Chinese  Netherlands Returnee Association , Mrs. Gabriella was invited to participate in the forum, and titled “Strategy for Rural Revitalization with Professional Training in Rural Communities”. The deep integration of agriculture and sustainable tourism creates a high-quality rural life experience and is shared with every village head of the “Countryside Five Towns” in the Yangtze River Delta participating in the Shantang Forum.

On the same day, Giethoorn Academy was unveiled at the Shantang Forum, bringing Dutch professional training and development concepts to rural development in the Yangtze River Delta. It aims to maximize the local resources of the village and create sustainable development value.

Gabriella Esselbrugge