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Future Agriculture Round Table Webinar with VC Eearth

Starting from 2017, the construction of national modern agriculture is initiated by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Ministry of Finance in China. According to the requirement, 300 national modern agro parks are expected to be constructed in 2020. 2020 has thus become a crucial year for agro park development.
Under the epidemic of COVID-19, it is important for Chinese agro parks to adapt the situation and face new challenges.
On 17th April, we were invited by VC Earth to share our hospitality experience in agro parks on their future agriculture round table webinar. Gaby Esselbrugge, director of Giethoorn Hospitality Agri & Tourism gave a keynote speech to more than 800 audience online, alongside our cooperation partner, Wageningen MFC and other experts from agro park field.
Gaby shared her experience of operating a Dutch restaurant (Giethoorn Restaurant)and a milk bar in a Chinese tourism-oriented horticulture park in Jiangsu, China. She suggested that investing in good infrastructure, building international standard hospitality and communication, creating attractive gastronomy and lifestyle for local and visitors are the key elements to unlock the potential of a tourism-oriented agro park. We also received some interesting questions from the audience and had a nice interaction with them during and after the webinar.

By sharing and learning knowledge and experience internationally, we believe Chinese agro parks can find the path through the epidemic and reach the sustainable future goal. And Giethoorn Hospitality Agri& Tourism is always ready to contribute to the sustainable rural development in China.









Gabriella Esselbrugge