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Giethoorn Hospitality Agri & Tourism is a leading consulting firm in hospitality. We are specialized in countryside revitalization, sustainable tourism, municipality consultancy, feasibility studies, concept development for hotels and resorts, agriculture and gastronomy development. We see ourselves as a pioneer and co-creator of the mega trends.

Our partner

Breda University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands, Breda)

Deltion College (The Netherlands, Zwolle)

Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands, Wageningen)



Hospitality industry supports the production, economy and human resources of the place they are situated in. It also promotes regional uniqueness, and the responsibility of hospitality is to offer services which can highlight local culture and gastronomy. The countryside is where the future lies, and education is the cornerstone of rural development.

In 2019, Gabriella was invited to give a presentation for the “2019 Yangtze River Delta countryside development” in Shanghai. She mentioned that Vocational Training is the key to countryside revitalization. For her: Understanding, applying and transferring knowledge in the field of sustainable rural development, as well as exploring sustainable tourism models are the goals for the hotel industry in Giethoorn. Advocating to demonstrate the normal operation of agricultural tourism is a key element to establish leadership.


Thanks to the improved infrastructure and education, rural dwellers nowadays have a wider choice of good livelihoods, in wherever they want to work and in whatever sector. Rural people often combine growing food on farms for their own consumption (or for the market) with small-scale processing of agricultural products, non-agricultural activities and seasonal or longer term migration.

The development of circular agriculture is a leading agricultural concept, in which zero waste is processed with the high-quality and safe ingredients-food are produced. In order to do that, an action of integrating the concept of sustainable development to promote the rural development models and protect the landscape as biological diversity.


HD wallpaper: House, Giethoorn, Gelderland, Reed, reed roof ...By supporting the local tourism industry with their sustainable local food producers, a virtuous circle is created – for both community and territory. We seek ways to improve the producer remuneration, to add more value to sales, to build a relationship with the local community and to support the preservation of local landscapes. We understand the importance of changes and trends in the internal and external reception environment, and the role of these changes in strategic decision making.