“Talk to China” Live Stream Virtual Tour in Giethoorn

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“Talk to China” Live Stream Virtual Tour in Giethoorn

On 9th June 2020, the first episode of ‘Talk to China’ live stream (LS) virtual tour in the Netherlands was hosted by Giethoorn Hospitality Agri & Tourism on Weibo (The biggest social media platform in China with more than 1 billion traffic per day). This live stream virtual tour was supported by NBTC Holland Markering China and Weibo.

In about 1,5 hours, the three must-do in Giethoorn with diverse and interesting experiences were revealed to the more than 18.000 audiences, and ranked as top 2 at the same livestreaming time period.

We will keep you closely updated about the traveling possibilty and measures to the Netherlands during the COVID-19 epidemic, and we look forward to welcome guests from China to visit and have fun with us in the near future.

The playback of the video can be watched via this link:
We are preparing the second episode and bring you deeper into the beautiful landscape and culture of Giethoorn.

Stay tuned!


Gabriella Esselbrugge