“Water of love will connect all the world ” speech from WCCO in Yangzhou,Jiangsu

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“Water of love will connect all the world ” speech from WCCO in Yangzhou,Jiangsu

Green mountains and clear water are as good as mountains of gold and silver President Xi said we all have a wonderful cultural value we use canal power to move the mountain.

Powered by peat and people
Good morning, I am Gaby from Giethoorn in the Netherlands, I am the director of Tourist Office Giethoorn and Giethoorn Hospitality.
Since the beginning of our village 800 years ago water is our engine. Water has influenced my great grandparents life with their peat digging industry and nowadays influences my kids, although it is because they are playing on the waterside with Chinese children because of international tourism.
Believe it or not, when we look back in the history of both China and The Netherlands, we found a lot of common philosophy from our very different civilizations, that both inspired us through the whole time, which taught us to embrace the true nature of water, and to follow the flow of water to reach our Dao and inner peace. That’s why we start to build canals, to merge the flow of water into our lives, to expand our voyage to unknown world, to bring the exciting stories to every corner in the world. Remember, Laozi told us, water can reach everywhere. And the stories of our remarkable canal villagers, although we all live on small islands are spread all over the world, and is it the bridge we cross our are we giving our guests the feeling the want to live like a local?

Family culture in our DNA
We value family culture above everything. Family gives us the strongest, long lasting and most sustainable bond that support us. It is no surprise for us to find out that our beloved Chinese friends shared the same belief. We want to bring our family love to you, and to the world. It is in our DNA.
I always say hospitality is in my blood as my grandmother started a hotel and after my mother I am now also the third generation in hospitality.

Giethoorn lifestyle
If you ever have had a dream about a fairy tale, you might have had a dream about my dreamland in the Netherlands called Giethoorn. It is a historical village with small independent houses thatched with reed and surrounded by beautiful gardens that show reflection in the canals. Guest from all over the world visit us, We have a perfect region to slow down with fresh air and typical Dutch skies. We are in the middle of the biggest Wetland of Western Europe called Weerribben Wieden National Park. Did you know we only have 2623 inhabitants? And our main roads are waterways, we have no parking garage but boatgarage. We serve with our family culture local food called uut Giethoorn  and our proud farmers with countryside cuisine and our star chefs that develop wellknown canaltown cuisine And our secret value is the creative villagers.

Big vlogger is watching you
(Social)media as well as reviews influence Giethoorn. We have chosen to focus on high level of personal hospitality and stories to tell and share so the media will think it is a reality show, but sure it is just our real life.

Giethoorn challenges

Balance economic development and quality of living
Good reviews
Keep the brand and lifestyle alive
365 days a year experience
Higher average stay and spending
Balance cultures
Maintain high hospitality standards

Let’s spread our water love

In Giethoorn we all have a crush on water, let’s work together on our sustainable marriage with international standard and local flavour. YES I DO


Giethoorn: 365 days starring villagers and voyagers

Gabriella Esselbrugge