When creativity becomes lifestyle

When creativity becomes lifestyle

How do people design and color the countryside?

In the city with the slogan “Fast City, Slow Life” the 6th Chengdu Creative Design Week has started this week. Aside the city life you can feel at home in the typical Netherlands countryside by visiting the Giethoorn stand on this exhibition.

Experiencing the Giethoorn approach by Giethoorn Hospitality Agri & Tourism Consultancy in the Chengdu Design Week. The Giethoorn family welcomes visitors to the Giethoorn living room with a view of Giethoorn in all seasons. Guests can see the cows in the back of the farmhouse and drink local milk from Weerribben Wieden National Park – the wetlands of Giethoorn, or Uut Giethoorn beer. 

The consultants with agricultural, tourism or hospitality specialism let guests in Chengdu experience the concept of a mix of local identity, international hospitality and how activated agriculture and ecology resources are driven by people.

Part of the success of Giethoorn as a sustainable tourism destination is created by the service culture, which is part of the professional hospitality training and coaching from Giethoorn Academy. The training is operational driven and focused on the international service style and attitude with a touch of the Dutch style.

Feel the family spirit and slow down to experience the Giethoorn lifestyle!

Gabriella Esselbrugge